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Welcome to Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Brighton, Melbourne — experienced, approachable and trusting practitioners, providing comprehensive health care.

We know that everyday living can place us under stress and pressure. It’s important to minimise the effects of such pressures and try to achieve a sense of internal balance. With traditional Chinese medicine we can help you achieve better health, to enable you to enjoy life.

Our Treatment Areas

We use Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage, Cupping and Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to treat:

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Remedial Massage

Massage therapists listen with their fingers. As a remedial massage therapist I am constantly surprising clients by revealing areas of tension and soreness they didn’t realise they had. They lie down on the treatment table, and because there are no … Continue reading
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Wrist Pain

An Acupuncture Case Study: This real-life case illustrates how acupuncture can help relieve wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and ganglions. Meet Jane Jane (50) came to Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine with pain and ganglions affecting both her wrists. The pain had started five … Continue reading

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