The concept of Acupuncture is to use very fine and sharp needles to access the body’s Qi (energy). According to Chinese Medicine, there is a system of channels in the body called  meridians. These contain the body’s Qi. Each meridian nourishes an organ with Qi. If someone is unwell, there will be an imbalance with the Qi flow though the body’s channels system; Qi may become stagnant or blocked or weakened. Acupuncture can be used to stimulate or nourish an area of imbalance by directly accessing the flow of Qi around the body.

Acupuncture needles are inserted in the muscles and certain joints of the body. They are normally retained for a period of twenty minutes. This may vary depending on the treatment strategy. Acupuncture should not be painful or an unpleasant experience. The sensations of treatment can vary, quite often during treatment the needled area can feel heavy, numb or can ache slightly.

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Your health is of great importance to us.

We follow the regulations from the Australian Chinese Medicine Registration Board which requires that acupuncture needles purchased are pre sterilised and are single use only. After use, acupuncture needles are disposed of in a hazardous waste container.

Linen on the treatment tables is changed for each client.