Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is used to nourish and balance the body. Chinese herbal medicine is used quite differently to western medical pharmacology  and can often be used in conjunction with western medicine.

The most popular method of taking Chinese medicine herbs is in granule form. Granules are easier to prepare and take than the more traditional method of cooking raw herbs. The granules dissolve easily with a small amount of boiling water and are swallowed. A majority of herbs prescribed at the clinic are in granule form.

Single herbs are mixed together to create a formula specifically suited for each patient. As their condition changes and improves so will the formula to ensure optimal recovery.

For an acute condition usually a high dose will be prescribed for a short period. If the issue is of a chronic nature the herbs will still provide relief quickly but for sustainable results a longer herbal treatment is usually more appropriate.

Many Chinese herbs are also available in patent pill or capsule form. These are usually not as potent as the granules, but can be very convenient in some circumstances, for example during travel.

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Chinese herbal medicine is generally safe to use however like all medications reactions and interaction can occur.  Providing the practitioner is aware of all current medication and supplements used by the patient the most appropriate formula will be prescribed.