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An emotion experienced by most of us at some point in our lives, anxiety is often perceived as a negative force that causes distress. However, it is a complex emotion with a dual nature. While it indeed can be debilitating and harmful, it can also be a catalyst for personal growth, heightened awareness, and improved Continue reading...

Hair Thinning

Traditional Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on hair thinning by focusing on understanding the interconnectedness of the body’s systems. Let’s explore how we view hair growth/loss and holistic approaches to achieving those healthy full locks! TCM views hair as an extension of Blood. Blood in TCM encompasses not only blood, but also fluids, nutrients, Continue reading...


Inflammation is something that comes up quite a lot in clinic. So let’s dive in to learn a little bit more about it, and some ways that we can try to minimise it in our daily lives. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to protect itself from harm. It involves the activation of immune cells, Continue reading...