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Benefits of Belly Breathing

What are the benefits of Belly Breathing, and why do we suggest it to most of our patients? What exactly are the benefits of Belly Breathing? Why do we need to do it, and how do we ensure we breathe deeply into our bellies? Keep reading… Diaphragmatic breathing Deep belly breathing, also known as diaphragmatic Continue reading...

The Luteal Phase

Phases of the Menstrual Cycle Part 3: The Luteal Phase We’ve been talking about the phases of the cycle on here. We’ve touched on menstruation, the follicular phase and ovulation, now last but not least, is the Luteal. Now this phase of our cycle can certainly be the cause of lots of anguish for everyone Continue reading...

TMJ Syndrome

Let’s talk TMJ, the temporomandibular joint Let’s talk about TMJ, TMJ syndrome and what you can do to manage symptoms. TMJ syndrome can be a real hassle, but there are ways to manage it and find relief. It’s a common condition that affects the jaw joint and surrounding muscles and many can have it without Continue reading...