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Supercharged Meatballs

Cooking Tips & Tricks For Supercharged Meatballs Tips on how to make your meatballs superfood worthy (and extra delicious): Use almond meal as your binding agent for gluten free balls and blood sugar stabilisation Add bone broth powder and grass fed gelatine for gut support A pinch of seaweed flakes adds important trace minerals, such Continue reading...

Let’s Talk Meal/Food Prep

Lets talk meal/food prep… How many times have you caught yourself snacking non-stop throughout the day? Or never feeling satisfied, or being in too much of a rush to prepare a proper meal that you opt for an easier but smaller and maybe “unhealthier” option? It happens to the best of us. But, an easy Continue reading...

Tongue Diagnosis

We have discussed Pulse Diagnosis so we thought why not touch on Tongue Diagnosis. Tongue Diagnosis is another tool used in a TCM consultation to reveal how the body is functioning. As you can tell by the image, when looking at the tongue we look at its colour, shape, coating and movements. These characteristics highlight Continue reading...