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Top Tips from a Cosmetic Acupuncturist

Let’s discuss some of my top skin care tips as a Cosmetic Acupuncturist… Achieving and maintaining healthy, radiant skin requires a holistic approach. There are a few things that we can do that can support our skin and help it glow as much as possible. If you are getting cosmetic acupuncture, these top tips will Continue reading...

Breath-work and the Nervous System

How does our breath impact the nervous system? Let’s talk about it… In our fast-paced lives, stress can take a toll on our nervous systems. If only there was a way to take a break from the stress and the business of the mind. Enter breath-work – a simple yet powerful practice that is gaining Continue reading...


Vulvodynia… ever heard of it? Vulvodynia is not a very well known condition and most people have never heard the word before. So, let’s talk it through a bit. Not a name known to many, vulvodynia is a chronic condition of the vagina involving pain and possibly burning sensations of the vulva. The pain is Continue reading...