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Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Brighton, Melbourne — experienced, approachable and trusting practitioners, providing comprehensive health care.

Using the modalities of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice;
we can help you achieve better health.

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Barack Obama only wears grey or blue suits, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey t-shirt every day, and I eat the same breakfast every day. By doing this I beat what psychologist call “decision fatigue”. I pop my slow cooker […]

All about auricular acupuncture

At Gardenvale Chinese Medicine, we sometimes use ear seeds as an adjunct to acupuncture .An adhesive plaster with a small bead can be placed over acupuncture points on the external surface of the ear. Ear seeds can also be great for […]

Acupuncture is a thing

Did you know Acupuncture is now a thing! Of course we all know acupuncture is a fantastic treatment that can help an array of health issues, but it can commonly be referred to as a non-evidence based  practice.   Meaning there […]

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