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Jet Lag

Jet lag is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder that happens when your internal body clock is out of sync with the external environment. This commonly happens during travel between time zones, but can also happen to night shift workers. The disorientation, fatigue, and general sense of grogginess can take a toll on your body and Continue reading...


Stress, stress, stress We hear it all the time, but what is it?  Why, unless we are being chased by a bear, stress is not so helpful for our longevity. I think we are all aware that through the evolution of our species we designed certain mechanisms to protect us in times of danger. So, if Continue reading...


How does TCM approach endometriosis? Firstly, the symptoms of endometriosis. They can have a widespread impact on your daily wellbeing, including social, physical, and mental activities. Common symptoms of Endometriosis Because this condition is so multi-faceted and can present differently symptom-wise in each person, the treatment approach should also present differently for each person. In Continue reading...