Gardenvale Chinese Medicine is conveniently located in Martin St Village just 3 km from Elwood. There is plenty of parking  available on the main street or close by on Asling St. It is only 6 minute drive from our favourite fresh produce store Leaf on Ormond rd Elwood. In Leaf you will find seasonal produce, items from local growers and farmers as well as grocery essentials.

Please click here for locality map.

The clinic at Gardenvale Chinese medicine is clean and modern with friendly staff. We like to offer a cup of herbal tea while you wait at reception to make your visit more comfortable. All the practitioners are government registered and very experienced at what they do.


The services we offer include acupuncture or herbal consults that which involves traditional Chinese medicine discussion, diet & lifestyle advice, acupuncture and/or a prescribed herbal medicine. We also offer patent pills as an alternative to granule herbs. Our skilled practitioners can assist with a range of conditions. To learn more click here

We offer Hi caps on acupuncture appointments. We also have an easy to use online booking system

One of our most frequently asked questions is does acupuncture hurt? The answer is it should not hurt if performed by an experienced registered practitioner. There are points that may sting slightly when the needle is inserted. This is because some points are more sensitive then others. After needle insertion it is common to feel:

  • Numb
  • Heavy
  • Relaxed

When in a comfortable environment acupuncture should be a relaxing experience. For more frequently asked questions please click here

Feel free to get in touch here if you should have any other questions or concerns.


Jane and Nick