A cooling cuppa:

Drinking a cup of tea is perhaps not what springs to mind in this relentless Melbourne autumn heat. Some teas can be quite cooling and soothing however, and taste great whether drunk hot or cold as an ice tea.

Try brewing one of these herbs fresh (or even as tea bags…):


– is sweet, bitter and cold. It removes heat and toxins in the blood and clears “dampness”. It’s also diuretic and can therefore help relieve edema


–  is pungent, sweet, bitter and cool. Clears heat in the liver, also removes toxins, and benefits red and irritated eyes. Can help treat the common cold, headaches, hyper-tension and urinary tract infections. Add a bit of honey and it can also soothe a sore throat


– pungent and cooling. Also great for alleviating common colds, headaches, migraines and sore throats, as well as it can soothe indigestion and premenstrual moodiness and breast tenderness.


Published on May 20, 2013