Acupuncture is a thing.

Did you know Acupuncture is now a thing! Of course we all know acupuncture is a fantastic treatment that can help an array of health issues, but it can commonly be referred to as a non-evidence based  practice.   Meaning there […]

Calf Injuries and the World Cup.

A Chinese Medicine Perspective on Calf Injuries World Cup fever is here, with the final fast approaching, combined with school holidays, families are outside kicking soccer balls around. It is wonderful to see. The downside of all the activity, is […]

Chronic Pain.

Chronic pain in our body can present in many different areas and with varying intensity. It is common for chronic pain to be the result a specific injury such as a lower back disc trauma or arthritis, causing debilitating back and sciatic […]

Cool It or Heat It?.

Time and time again my patients ask whether they should apply heat or ice to muscular aches and pains and how to manage their injuries.

Hay Hay Hay Fever.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pays close attention to the yearly seasonal changes and the effects they have on your health. Spring represents a time of growth, movement and change. Moving from the harsh features of winter into spring can be […]