An acupuncture treatment on the back for back pain relief

Low back pain…. truly a pain in the backside!

Careers where you spend a long time bent over at a desk, poor posture, and stress can all contribute to back stiffness, tension, and aching.

However, acupuncture is here to help. Our main goals through treatment are to:

  • Decrease the intensity of the pain
  • Decrease the number of painful episodes.


  • Accelerate recovery.

Within one session, you should feel immediate relief. A few more, and you’ll forget you had back pain!

Then, monthly treatments not only prevent future episodes but also address what caused the pain in the first place – whether it’s stress, tight hip flexors, weak glutes, or poor circulation we need to get to the bottom of it so that it doesn’t keep returning!

Our goal is to not only provide you immediate relief from your pain, but to make sure it stays away in the long-run as well! As much as we love seeing your beautiful faces, we want to provide long-term results so you don’t need to keep coming back for monthly treatments.

Call us for a chat regarding your condition or book an appointment for some immediate relief.

– Michelle

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Published on June 30, 2023