A very common complaint in the clinic so let’s chat about it.

Bloating has become one of those symptoms that we have all experienced at some point and for some, it has almost become a way of life.

With all the new foods and drinks introduced to our diet alongside the weight of social/emotional/physical stressors on our body – it’s not surprising that bloating is common!

Bloating is the feeling of a full or stretched tummy, as if a balloon were in your abdomen. It can arise from either (or a combination of) increased intestinal gas or fluid retention in the abdomen.

During intestinal food breakdown, gas is a byproduct. Sometimes, bacteria are unable to fully breakdown foods or certain foods consumed can trigger increased gas production. Constipation can also slow down digestion, allowing gas to accumulate. A diet high in sodium will increase fluid retention.

Whether it’s post-meal discomfort or a persistent feeling, the discomfort from bloating can impact our daily lives.

Ways to reduce bloating:

  • chew each bite well, eat slowly
  • reduce meal sizes
  • rest to digest, avoid eating on the move
  • pay attention to your food sensitivities
  • herbal teas, such as fennel seed, peppermint, ginger, and chamomile
  • stress management, allow for more parasympathetic rest and digest
  • movement gets the energy and juices flowing
  • loose fitting clothing around the waist, deep belly breathing
  • reduce raw foods & cold drinks
  • probiotics, find one that’s right for you

Bloating is a common and often manageable condition that can be addressed through lifestyle changes and mindful choices. By understanding the causes of your bloating and implementing practical strategies, you can prevent that discomfort from showing up and move more freely through your day.

Chinese medicine’s holistic approach to bloating aims to determine and focus on the cause of the bloating – whether its physical, psychological, or external. We work to regulate the Qi and energy dynamics that deal with abdominal function, improve digestive function, settle the nervous system, and improve blood flow in the area to support the organs. By targeting overall digestive health, not only do we hope to relieve bloating symptoms, but also improve energy, clarity, and overall health.

Come in for a more thorough personalised chat for your specific symptoms!

– Michelle

Published on February 26, 2024