Nutrient dense foods TCM uses in supporting Fertility with foods

Supporting fertility with foods in TCM

Chinese medicine believes in a holistic approach for every aspect of health. This means, not only keeping up with your herbs and treatments. But, also prioritising a healthy diet and lifestyle. What we eat can have a massive impact on not only our gut-health and digestion, but also can affect our skin, energy, stress levels, and yes, fertility.

For this reason, TCM promotes supporting fertility with foods to enhance reproductive health and overall well-being.

So, what should you eat?

When trying to conceive, searching for foods to increase fertility on Google may seem like the best option. However, the truth is that nothing can replace a balanced diet. No single food, or diet has been proven to enhance fertility, but a balanced and nutritious diet can support overall reproductive health.

To support the body and reproduction it is essential to include:

  1. A variety of colourful fruits and vegetables: they provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support fertility.
    • Aim for at least five servings per day.
  2. Protein: Protein sources can provide the necessary amino acids for building and repairing tissues in the body, including reproductive tissues.
    • Protein sources such as chicken, fish, and legumes.
  3. Healthy fats: healthy fats may help support hormone production and overall reproductive health.
    • Such as those found in avocado, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.
  4. Iron-rich foods: are crucial for reproductive health and fertility. They provide the necessary nutrients to nourish the ovaries and uterus and support the growth of a healthy baby.
    • Such as spinach, lentils, and red meat

Additionally, consuming whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread that contain complex carbohydrates can help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Diet therapy using herbs

As mentioned, in TCM, a balanced diet and lifestyle is the key to well-being and promoting fertility. However, there are certain herbal medicinals that are also common foods. These foods are easily accessible to add as a dietary supplement for diet therapy.

  • Goji berries and black sesame seeds. They are believed to improve fertility by nourishing the kidney and liver, the main organs associated with reproductive health.
  • Oysters are of benefit to the liver and kidneys. Oysters are considered a yin food that nourishes the body’s fluids and are a rich source of zinc, an essential mineral for reproductive health that plays a role in the production of testosterone and other hormones, and development of healthy sperm.

It’s important to limit or avoid processed and high-sugar foods, and reduce excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, which can negatively impact our bodies and reproductive health

If you have any questions or want some support on your fertility journey – reach out to find out more.

Published on September 29, 2023