Hair Thinning

Traditional Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on hair thinning by focusing on understanding the interconnectedness of the body’s systems. Let’s explore how we view hair growth/loss and holistic approaches to achieving those healthy full locks!

TCM views hair as an extension of Blood. Blood in TCM encompasses not only blood, but also fluids, nutrients, lubrication, and warmth!

If there is a deficiency in Blood, poor blood flow, or a blockage to hair follicles, hair thinning can occur.

Ageing, stress, or excessive indulgence can result in weak hair growth. However, if Blood is unnourished because of poor diet, chronic illness/stress, or heavy menstrual bleeds… hair thinning may occur due to this!

Damp may also block Blood’s flow to the hair follicles… signs of Damp may include lethargy, heavy limbs, little/poor appetite, excess phlegm, sticky stools with mucus… (Inquire within to learn more about Damp!)

Emotional stress and a sedentary lifestyle can hinder the healthy flow of Qi and Blood, affecting hair growth.

Here’s how TCM (and you) can help!

  • Acupuncture of course! It can both stimulate blood flow to the scalp and regulate the body’s functions of Blood production and flow
  • Herbal medicine: we have herbs in our pocket specifically for hair growth that we may add onto your personalised formul
  • Dietary changes: depending on your pattern, we can suggest certain foods to help balance your body – however adding foods like black sesame seeds, goji berries, and bone broth into your diet will enhance Blood productio
  • Scalp massage! Only the best feeling ever. This improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles. Using the pads of your fingers, rub in circular motions all around your head
  • Stress reduction: unfortunately it is a significant contributor to hair thinning. Find ways to reduce the way you respond to stress in your daily life – or ask a practitioner if they can focus on this aspect in treatments.

TCM provides a holistic approach to addressing hair thinning by focusing on the internal imbalances within your body. Treatments may show long-term improvements by addressing the root causes, which may clear up other pesky bodily symptoms.

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Published on July 10, 2024