Hay fever and Chinese medicine

We have been having lots of patients coming through the clinic recently with Hay Fever symptoms.

So, we have a few tips to survive the hay fever season:


Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Dehydration places significant stress on the body which may exacerbate hay fever symptoms.

Avoid the wind

Avoid being out in the wind excessively, particularly if there is a lot of flora in blossom.
According to Chinese medicine, environmental wind can place the sinus cavities under pressure.

Wash the eyes and nose

If you’re suffering from sneezing and itchy eyes, try flushing the nostrils and washing the eyes with a mild saline solution.
This will help prevent any further discomfort and avoid a possible sinus infection.

As spring begins to get a little warmer heading towards summer, try drinking a little chrysanthemum or peppermint tea, particularly in the afternoon. These herbs will nourish the liver and help keep you hydrated.

Published on November 30, 2020