We spend most of lives in fear of getting pregnant, but now it’s now time to clear up some questions about the birds and the bees. Please send through any other questions you have, there is no such thing as a silly question.

When should we have sex?

Most women who I see have been charting their BBT (basal body temperature) for at least 3 months so we know exactly when they are ovulating.

My advice for a women ovulating on day 14 would be:

  • Get your partner to “cleans his pipes” on day 9
  • From day 11 through to day 16 the couple have sex daily
  • Twice daily on day 14 or ovulation day
  • Plus whenever you feel like it.

Do the women need to orgasm?

It is important that the women has an orgasm after the man. It doesn’t matter how, clitoral, vaginal, anal… as long as she orgasms. This will release the happy hormone, oxytocin, and amongst other things decrease stress levels. There are theories about the uterine contractions helping thrust the sperm up. Either way, if it feels good, do it!

Male fertilityWhat about lubricant?

Anything that is safe and fertility friendly. if you are going to use lubricant while trying to conceive, then I would recommend Conceive plus . It’s pH range is compatible with human sperm survival and migration.

Should we come in & chat before we start

Yes! Before a couple starts trying for a baby, it’s optimal to prepare for about 3 months.

For the man, a new crop of sperm occurs every ninety days, therefore, 3 months is a perfect time to take the essential steps to prepare.  This will involve  dietary, and lifestyle changes to help those swimmers go go go!

For women, it also takes around 3 months for the follicles to turn into a mature egg and release. This amount of time allows the endometrium to build up for implantation.

All advice and support is unique for the individual. Please bring in any sperm analysis or blood tests you may have.

For more information on the birds and the bees watch the video below

Written by

Jane Ferguson

Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Jane Menstrual Cycle

Published on May 21, 2019