We have developed an exciting new subscription model for Chinese herbal medicine.

We all know that Chinese herbs are fantastic for us, and can really help with our health by treating the disease or the symptoms improving the way that we feel.

One thing about Chinese herbal medicine is that you really need to take them for a long period of time which could be months. This allows them to change your physiology and to get the best sustainable result. However life can get in the way and your herbs run out,  follow up appointments are forgotten and it can be expensive. As a result we lose momentum and your health suffers as a result. 

As a result we developed a subscription method of payment for Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The model includes a monthly or every 2 month prescription with a touch base with me either phone or online. We’ll get in touch when the time comes up. The payment side of this will be set up prior so it’ll go through there afterwards. There is no lock in time or contract so you can opt out any time.

Effectively with the subscription model it works out to be a 15% deduction of cost which also includes shipping. It will help with consistency of the treatment also which just might get us better results.

If you are interested in joining the  subscription model please get in contact here

Published on March 25, 2022