Some Tips for Festive Overindulgence

Let’s face it, some of us may overindulge this festive season!

It would be lovely to think it won’t happen, but the team at Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine like to be realistic and assume it will. So here are some basic tips and recommended formulas to help you and your digestive system through this festive season. The products recommended here are available at Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Listen to your body. If a food or drink is causing discomfort reduce the intake. If it’s already too late try Bao He Wan, which will assist with the digestion of starch and meat.BaoHeWan2
  • Avoid or minimise rich and spicy foods. Occasionally these foods may be okay, but regular intake will further inflame the tummy.
  • Ensure you remain hydrated. Dehydration will slow digestion and potentially cause constipation. If your stools are dry and pellet-like after overindulging, try Run Chun Wan. It can help move things along quickly.RunChangWan
  • Try to cook most meals, as raw food can be extra effort for the body to digest and cause further bloating and discomfort.
  • Bo Jen Mi tea is a tasty herbal concoction, which can be very soothing on the stomach.Bojenmi4