I’ve Never Felt Quite Right Since Catching That…

Lingering Pathogen

Chinese medicine has been talking about a concept called a ‘lingering pathogen’ for a long time. It applies when you haven’t been able to shake that cold and flu, or you have never felt well since getting that bug a few months ago.
Recently, a client told us that their GP said it sounds like they have a ‘viral shadow syndrome’ due to flu like symptoms they can’t shake. Sounds familiar! It is encouraging when Western medicine catches on.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using the modalities of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, can effectively treat a lingering pathogen pattern. Due to the chronic nature of this condition effective treatment my take a number weeks or months. It’s important to vent the pathogen by using Chinese herbs and acupuncture points that release the exterior, meanwhile nourishing the body and stabilizing the immune system. A lingering pathogen does not simply mean there is still bacteria or a virus present in the body but the symptoms of an infection remain. Glands may become regularly swollen, a sore throat could present or digestive issues of pain and bloating are common.

Dealing with an infection and the residual symptoms can be very draining on the body. It is important to treat this pattern appropriately otherwise the pattern can be become entrenched in the body and lead to further health complications. It is not uncommon for chronic fatigue syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome to develop if a person has had a lingering pathogen pattern untreated. A common scenario is a person may feel generally well on a daily basis then life presents them with emotional and/or physical challenges. If they become run down or depleted due to these challenges the lingering pathogenic symptoms may return and further debilitate their quality of life.

Traditional Chinese medicine provides a holistic perspective in treating this issue of a lingering pathogen or viral shadow and tries to prevent them from affecting the quality of a person’s life.