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From Fatigued to Fabulous with TCM

Are you tired of feeling tired? Tired of not having enough energy to do all the things you have to do and more importantly want to do?

The good news is we never tire of helping you feel better and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is actually all about generating, promoting, moving and regulating energy (Qi)!

Acupuncturists: Energy Electricians For The Body

Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

Checking the connections and wiring

Acupuncturists are like electricians…we check your internal energy circuits to determine what’s causing energy shortages and to detect any faulty connections in your system (preferably before your power cuts out!) The acupuncture points on your body resemble an electrical switchboard where switches can be turned on and off as required for balance and optimal energy production and circulation.

Why SO tired?

A lack of energy can be felt as temporary tiredness or being worn-out after a particularly busy period or average sleeping. It can range from regular afternoon slumps to ongoing sluggishness and lack of motivation to more chronic exhaustion, listlessness, lethargy and severe debilitating fatigue. Tiredness can be felt in just parts of the body, such as the eyes or the head, or it can be felt like a heaviness or weakness in the whole body.

Whether mild, severe, acute or chronic, there are generally five main reasons why you might be excessively tired:

Tired and exhausted woman at work

  • Your body is not getting enough or the right ‘fuel’ (nutrition & hydration)
  • You don’t get enough rest
  • You do too much physically and/or mentally (i.e. there’s an imbalance between the energy you spend and the energy you generate)
  • You’re suffering or recovering from infection or illness
  • Certain medications


In TCM we consider all the possible reasons mentioned above, not just within our TCM framework but also in conjunction with conventional medicine. We’ll often recommend you have investigative tests or scans to reveal any causes or contributors to your tiredness. This could be vitamin or mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, infections or other indicators of a more serious illness*.

Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Move to get back in the Groove

So getting your diet, sleep, activity levels and work life balance right is vital if you want more energy. Easier said than done, right? So where do you start?

Typically a TCM practitioner begins by addressing the following aspects of your health and routines:

Let’s consider why these aspects are so important…

You rejuvenate and generate energy when you sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia, night sweats, a racing mind, a cough, backache or anything else that is disturbing the length and quality of your sleep, it’s a given you’ll be tired.

You get energy from food, water and air. However, if your body doesn’t transform, digest and transport the food, water and air properly, perhaps due to weaknesses or obstructions in your lungs or digestive system, this naturally affects how much nutritional value and oxygenation you obtain and the amount of energy you can then generate.

Not all tiredness is improved by rest, sleep and a reduction in activity. This type of tiredness is usually due to an obstruction of energy, commonly caused by:

  • Stress and worry
  • Trauma (physical or psychological e.g. grief)
  • Injury
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Diet

How to get your ‘spark’ back with TCM treatments

Through a detailed TCM diagnosis we work out if the problem is in fact due to an insufficiency or a blockage of energy.

ElectricityGet Your Energy ‘Firing’ with Tonics and Rewiring

Acupuncture, remedial massage, cupping and moxa can remove any blockages and smoothe out the flow of fluids and energy in your body. This improves and strengthens your organs and bodily functions so they work better at generating and using energy efficiently.

Energy tonics made from Chinese herbs do the same but are especially good at supplementing, balancing, nourishing and strengthening.

By finding out the root cause of the problem, removing any obstructions, strengthening any areas of weakness and tailoring treatments to each individual’s needs energy levels improve, both now and long term. This is how treatments with Traditional Chinese medicine can help you fight fatigue so you can be an efficient ‘power plant’, produce enough energy, feel fabulous and enjoy your life!

Enjoy Life

*For a more comprehensive list of causes of fatigue and some common sense tips to improve your energy levels click on this link.

Christina Tolstrup

Christina Tolstrup
Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine


Published on August 31, 2015