Anti-Colic Diet

Colic, or the inconsolable crying and fussing of babies, can be unsettling for both children and parents alike. Of course all babies cry, but it is considered “problem crying” if it totals three hours a day or more, more than three days a week for at least three weeks.

Colic in babies can be treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine. In some cases acupuncture will be used. The needles will be very small and not retained, meaning they will be quickly inserted and then immediately removed. Often the baby will not even be aware the acupuncture has occurred. Chinese herbal medicine can also be useful to remove the stagnation and relieve the colic. Herbs will usually be administered in liquid form with the use of an eye dropper.

Easy colic recipe

Here is a colic recipe to help whilst either breastfeeding or formula feeding.

12 Dill seeds and  12 Fennel seeds

Steep in about 30ml or 2 tablespoons of boiling water. Strain and give 1/2 a teaspoon of the liquid to the baby before every feed.  Make fresh daily.  Dill and fennel have a mild soothing effect on the stomach and stimulatory effect on the digestive track as a whole.

To help with long days and sleepless nights, here are some foods to avoid while breastfeeding that may help to reduce colic or reflux in your baby:

Foods to eat much less whilst breastfeeding:

Strong herbs and spices Powdered yeast Tea/coffee Coke
Energy drinks Chocolate Alcohol Capsicum
Tomatoes Raw onions Citrus fruits Turnips

Foods to eat a little less:

Stone fruit Melons Berries Grapes
Radishes Cauliflower Lentils Garlic
Cucumber Peas Cabbage Broccoli

Foods to eat more:

Apples Bananas Avocado Whole grains
Fish Dairy products Green tea Eggs
Celery Sprouts Asparagus Potatoes

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