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If you actually believe there is a magical cure for hangovers and overeating I’m afraid you are DREAMING!

Here some tips to help you survive the festive season:

  • Too much raw or cold food will damage the stomach’s ability to breakdown food properly.
  • Hot and spicy food will create heat in the stomach which will result in Qi rising and cause stomach pain and bad breath.
  • Eating late in the evening, when the body is preparing to rest, can cause flatulence and burping.
  • Eating too quickly will not give salvia a chance to assist with the breakdown of food.
  • Green tea is cooling and provides a mild detoxifying action on the liver – perfect for post drinks.
  • Mint is a stimulating herb which soothes the stomach. Try drinking a fresh mint leaf infusion rather than peppermint tea.
  • If hiccoughs are unrelenting try sipping warm water. Warm water will also help if a lot of cold food has been consumed.
  • Melons, sprouts and mung beans are very cooling and will help the body to cool down after too much fun in the sun.
  • You may feel like slipping into a heavy slumber after those big lunches but remember a little exercise will always help stimulate your Qi

Nick Conquest

Nick Conquest
Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine

Published on February 15, 2013