Common colds and flus can both result in respiratory disorders. Sinusitis, hay fever and bronchitis are common developments after catching a cold.

Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends the best defence against colds or respiratory infections is to optimize your health and not become too run down.  However, if you do notice those early symptoms, seeking Chineselungs healthy medicine treatment  will stop the symptoms further developing.

Stubborn symptoms such as sinus congestion or a chronic cough usually means the pathogen has travelled to a deeper level.  Sometimes the body does not respond to Western medical treatment such as antibiotics or symptomatic suppressants such as cough syrups.  From a Chinese Medicine perspective, it is crucial to not only treat the aliment but also the body.  By strengthening the body’s Qi or constitutional health, the immune system will be strengthened, thereby allowing a self healing process.

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There are also often home remedies close at hand and easy to take to prevent a cold or flu taking hold.