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Acupuncture is a thing

Did you know Acupuncture is now a thing!

Of course we all know acupuncture is a fantastic treatment that can help an array of health issues, but it can commonly be referred to as a non-evidence based  practice.   Meaning there is a lack of statistical evidence to suggest acupuncture as a viable treatment.

Well, a recent literature review, The Acupuncture Evidence Project, has found there is evidence to suggest acupuncture can help with over 100 conditions. In fact, for eight conditions the evidence strongly suggests acupuncture can help.

The good news is, the conditions with the best evidence involve something we all have from time to time, pain. Listed below are some of the top evidence based painful conditions:

Another condition which turned up with a high level of evidence for acupuncture treatment is allergic rhinitis.   A less technical term for this is hayfever. That’s fantastic, especially for those of us who are driven crazy by those itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing attacks.

The Acupuncture Evidence Project also found acupuncture can help manage symptoms of particular debilitating conditions, here are some examples below:

For many other examples listed on this review please have a look at the summary page. So don’t let anyone tell you there is no evidence for acupuncture. As we have known for quite some time now, acupuncture is really a thing!

Creditation for the original version of this blog goes to Sarah George


Published on April 6, 2018